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God inspires award winning BBQ Sauce

On December 4, 2016, I interviewed Lula B. Hatcher, the matriarch and owner of Lannie’s BBQ Spot (“Lannie’s”) located in historic Selma, Alabama. Lannie’s is an interesting business case to feature in my Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast because this business has operated non-stop for over 70 years. Over that period, Selma, Alabama has transformed from a rural community served primarily by small Mom and Pop businesses to a city that hosts almost every national fast food and retail chain including Walmart, McDonalds, Zaxby’s and Taco Bell. Over this time period, many of Selma, Alabama small businesses have closed in the face of this competition. During the interview with Lula Hatcher, I tried to determine why Lannie’s was able to not only survive, but thrive in the face of the corporate Goliaths. Mrs. Hatcher’s response was that Lannie’s has something none of the businesses have, “distinctive Lannie’s BBQ sauce.” Mrs. Hatcher stated that the award winning sauce has only been changed three times in the business’s 70 year history. According to Mrs. Hatcher, the last time the sauce was changed was over 30 years ago. When it was changed, Mrs. Hatcher explained that her mother jumped out of bed and said that God had given her the perfect ingredients to add to the sauce. This sauce has brought state-wide acclaim to Lannie’s. In June, 2016, the restaurant was awarded the state-wide title of Alabama Best BBQ.

Entrepreneurs who listen to the podcast will also hear Mrs. Lula B. Hatcher’s advice to local and regional political leaders on how they help small businesses grow. To subscribe to the Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast, click here or go to iTunes.

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