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Art of Small Business Warfare Podcast

Ceyero Consulting launched its podcast on November 29, 2016 called Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Small Business Warfare. The podcast teaches small businesses how to defeat corporate Goliaths using strategies and tactics found in the 2012 book. Guerrillapreneur: Small Business Strategy For Davids Wanting To Defeat Goliaths by mark anthony peterson.

Guerrillapreneur is a combination of the words "Guerrilla" and "Entrepreneur," and it is the name given to businesses that integrate both "sharing" and "circular-loop" economic principles in the core design of their businesses. Guerrillapreneurs follow these principles because they generate incremental cash that can be invested in creating market destabilizing technology (Slingshot Technology) that can be used to defeat corporate Goliaths.

Are you thinking of starting a new business? Are you an entrepreneur who has struggled with turning good ideas into viable businesses? Do you own a small business that is being squeezed out of the market by a corporate giant? Do you provide support services (e.g., legal, accounting, consulting, etc.,)? If you answered "Yes," this podcast is for you?

You can find the first episode of Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Small Business Warfare ("What is a Guerrillapreneur?") on iTunes at

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