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The two biggest challenges facing small businesses are cost management and capital allocation.  Cutting costs is not as easy as stopping spending.  Likewise, small business owners and entrepreneurs can drain the life out of their enterprises by not knowing how to allocate capital. Ceyero Consulting has a proprietary Capital Value Added methodology and a proprietary Cost Management decision-making framework that can put your organization on the right path to risk-adjusted performance. 


Why risk-adjusted performance? Ceyero Consulting does not assume that all business units are equal. Ceyero Consulting derives a BETA for each unit and utilizing it to estimate the level of risk assumed by each unit.  What does this mean?  The hurdle rate for each unit MAY be different given the unit's derived risk.


Ceyero Consulting uses Balanced Scorecards to align business unit risk-adjusted operating performance with its capital allocation objectives. 

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Software & Tools:

  • Wave - Financial software designed for entrepreneurs

  • Zipbooks - Accounting software that makes you even smarter.

Suggested Readings & Podcasts:

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