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According to MIT Management Executive Education, “family companies account for more than half of all publicly traded companies in the U.S. and two-thirds of all businesses around the world.” If your Family Business does not have a Succession Plan, then you are planning to fail.   My succession plans focus on the key executive positions, i.e., CEO, COO, CFO, etc.  Ceyero Consulting takes a different approach.  We examine the roles that are critical to the on-going operations of the business.  Loss of employees in these areas can cripple any business and can be especially dangerous for small family-owned businesses. 

Ceyero Consulting will lead your team through a Six-Step Program that will help your team maintain stability in the face of expected and unexpected change.  The Steps are:

  1. Identify Critical Positions (Positions that are necessary for the daily operations of the business).

  2. Identify Capabilities and Skills Set Associated With The Critical Positions

  3. Design the Development/Training Program For Critical Positions

  4. Develop a Knowledge Repository For Critical Positions

  5. Identify and Rank Potential Internal and External Candidates

  6. Design an Incentive Program to Retain High Potential Internal Candidates

Ceyero Consulting is your long-term partner.


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Software & Tools:

  • Skill DP Pro - Know Your Employees' Strengths, Weaknesses, and Training Needs.

  • Zenefits All-in-one HR software that saves you time

Suggested Readings & Podcasts:

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