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In 2012, Founder and Managing Director, and Thought Leader, Mark Anthony Peterson wrote Guerrillapreneur, A Small Business Strategy for Davids Wanting to Defeat Goliaths.  Guerrillapreneur serves as the basis for Ceyero Consulting's strategic philosophy of (1) focusing on shareholder value creation through creative capital preservation, and (2) ROI-driven investment in market destabilizing technology.


We believe that startups and small businesses cannot win without a vision and a clear value proposition. When the vision is transparent to the entire organization, executives must have the "leadership capacity" to think strategically and grow the business. 


Ceyero Consulting's methodologies and change management expertise help executives eliminate non-value adding tasks so that they have time to focus on growth.



Founder and Managing Director, Mark Anthony Peterson, has over 25 years of consulting and executive management experience.  Peterson spent 6 years as a strategy consultant with Accenture.  As CEO and President of PrideRock Holdings, Peterson helped build the biometrics from a garage start-up to a $20M screening company.  

Peterson has worked with executives at Fortune 500 companies across several different industries.  During those engagements, Peterson helped CEOs and CFOs: (1) realign their businesses around target customers that they could profitably serve; (2) eliminate millions in excessive cost, (3) implement systems that increased efficiency; (4) designed and implemented digital and offline media sales and marketing plans; (5) restructured the organization and re-trained frontline managers on new systems and process flows.

If you are ready to fight a Goliath, we can help you improve your aim and the quality of your slingshot.

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