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Steve Plank, author of "How Lean Startups Change Everything," is quoted as saying "Most new products and businesses fail because [they] build products people don't want to buy and use."


As a startup, learning what the true PAIN POINTS are for your target market customers is critical to developing a winning business strategy and message.  There are many ways to collect data, but none beats face-to-face interactions with real customers.  Ceyero Consulting can help your startup develop a multi-level plan to solicit feedback from your target customers. 


Ceyero Consulting uses the best practice of operating in the "Negative Space" when analyzing customer feedback.  Operating in the Negative Space means that we seek solutions that customers "Can Not-Not Avoid."  Ceyero Consulting finds this solution by first developing a theory about your target customers that we quickly and inexpensively test using landing pages, online ads problem interviews, solution interviews, surveys, and A/B value proposition testing.  

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