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Background Screening: How We Help Our Clients

We work with background screening companies to navigate a dynamic environment of evolving regulation, rapidly evolving “gig” staffing models and digital innovation.


We help our clients identify areas of opportunity and align their processes and operations to maximize value creation:​

Strategy: Background Check companies are facing a changing environment where mainstream companies are hiring fewer full-time employees and more contract workers.  In this environment, speed and flexibility are critical. Ceyero Consulting can help Background Check companies understand the emerging market trends, competitive threats and develop market strategies that will differentiate them from competitors.


Product and Process Innovation: Changing U.S. and state regulations can make it difficult for Background Check companies to conduct streamlined screening checks.  Fortunately, these barriers also represent opportunities to develop new processes, products, and systems.


Sales and Marketing: The changing worker landscape is changing the sales process and customers that Background Check companies target. Background Check companies that are struggling to get traction in their target markets can outsource sales to Ceyero Consulting.  We can provide a full range of services from generating hot leads that are turned over to your sales team to managing the entire sales cycle.  


Our Industry Insights:

According to a 2016 Intuit study, in the next five years, the US workforce will consist of mostly contract or “gig” workers who have engagements with three or more companies.  In a world where no two companies have the same security protocols, background-screening companies must evolve to handle the following issues:


  • The changing role of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations

  • Integration of Smart Technology, including Artificial Technology in the screening process

  • The growing influence the Candidate has over the screening process


Thought Leadership:

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