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We have 25 years of experience in working with Start-ups.  Ceyero Consulting is a one-stop shop for start-ups providing business plan support, technology strategies, sales, and marketing strategies, software design, executive support, organizational design, and organizational effectiveness training.


Start-ups face unique operational challenges, and many times they have limited resources to execute their strategic plans.  Ceyero Consulting has helped start-ups to outsource non-essential services to enable them to focus on value-adding tasks and capabilities.


Ceyero Consulting is the sponsor of several  Business Pitch Contests including the Booker T. Washington Economic Summit Business Pitch Contest and the Tuskegee University & Concordia College Business Pitch Contest.  Start-ups and small businesses can compete in these contests for a chance to win start-up capital and free consulting services.


Ceyero Consulting will also invest to create new solutions that can change the world and save lives.  ANUBIS is an initiative that Ceyero Consulting is developing to help change how policing is conducting in America.  ANUBIS is a wearable digital identity beacon, incident tracker, and crime reporting platform.   When active, ANUBIS will broadcast the user's digital identity.  Using a companion ANUBIS device or ANUBIS smartphone app, Law enforcement can retrieve and review the credentials from up to 6 feet away.  When given better data, law enforcement can do the job they are trained to do.  Informed world.  Safer world.


The goal with Ceyero Consulting incubation initiatives are to grow them and spin them out with a management team who can execute the business plan.

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