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Start-Ups & Gig Companies: How We Help Our Clients


We work with entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to develop a traction-oriented strategic plan and minimum viable product (MVP).

Strategy: Disruptive technology can launch your business.  A defined strategy can accelerate your business growth.  Ceyero Consulting can help entrepreneurs develop strategies, elevator pitches and business pitch contest presentations suitable for investor fundraising.  

Product Innovation: Ceyero Consulting encourages startups to invest in disruptive “Slingshot” technology, i.e., a technology that enables the startup to price or serve at or below the level supported by their largest corporate competitor.  Implementation of Slingshot technology is the most critical step in developing a minimum viable product.

Performance Management: Strategies are only as effective as the metrics used to measure them.  Ceyero Consulting has helped organizations develop Performance Scorecards that tracked and benchmarked metrics that impacted: (1) Customer Satisfaction, (2) Process Improvement, (3) Employee Retention, and (4) Financial Performance.

Sales & Marketing: Start-ups executives know their technology, but few know sales and marketing.  Ceyero Consulting helps startups outsource sells during the first two years after launch.  


Our Insights

According to the SBA, 70 percent of startups and small businesses who do not have a mentor close their doors in less than 5 years.  We help entrepreneurs with the following issues:

  • Building a Cult or Tribal Brand,

  • Creating Growth Capacity,

  • Building A Traction-Oriented Board of Directors, and

Thought Leadership:

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