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Companies invest millions of dollars to develop award winning strategies, but few will invest in the resources to confirm if their employees are executing that strategy.  For example, fast-food retailers can significantly improve profits if employees consistently "cross-sell or upsize" orders, i.e., "would you like fries with that sandwich?"  


Ceyero Consulting employs secret shoppers to determine if your company's desired strategic outcomes are being consistently delivered by your associates. Ceyero Consulting shoppers are conscientious, reliable and objective. They approach each new assignment as if it were the first time they had ever heard of the store.

After each engagement, Ceyero Consulting provides the client with an Evaluation Report and an Impact Assessment.  The Evaluation Report  examines the specific non-compliant processes and un-sanctioned employee activities.  The Impact Assessment provides the client with a forecast of the financial impact to the company if the processes and employee performance is not corrected. 


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