October 16, 2017

Startups are hectic places to work.  During the early days, employees typically wear multiple hats performing different job tasks as required.  Founders, who find themselves working alongside their employees as newly minted executive managers, often lack a seasoned management style that can motivate and cultivate positive workplace collaboration.  Often the demands to succeed push these novice manager/founders to embrace the “dark-side” of management to force compliance and improve productivity.  As a founder, I can testify to the temptation I felt to use my late-mother’s favorite parental phrase, “because I told you to do it,” on the startup team I managed.  For sure, managing with an iron...

June 20, 2017

Can you remember your first bike? Can you recall the mix of excitement and fear you felt when your foot pressed against that pedal for the first time.  You overcame the fear because a brother, sister, father or mother put a calming hand on your shoulder and said, "Relax, don't worry. Just keep pedaling."  Those words gave you the courage to chase an adventure that you have been enjoying since that day.  Mentors have the power to encourage you to take leaps of faith because they have the bruises, and they lived to tell their story.  If only we could convince entrepreneurs and startups to seek and trust the advise of mentors. 

According to the Small Business Association ("SB...

January 23, 2017

According to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2016 Rankings, Apple, Google and Coca-Cola have the world’s most valuable brands valued at $178B, $133B and $73B respectively (Best Global Brands 2016 , 2016).  These Fortune 500 companies have invested millions to build goodwill with consumers that enable brand owners to charge a premium for their products and services.  How do you compete with titans that spend more on social media in a day than your startup spends on sushi in a year?  Guerrillapreneurs know that matching titans dollar-for-dollar in mass market spending is insane.  Instead, Guerrillapreneurs seek to build a viral, if not cultish, following by cultivating a brand identity around...

December 27, 2016

In the story of David and Goliath, David defeated a much taller and stronger Goliath -- not by fighting the giant in hand-to-hand combat, but by using technology, a Slingshot.  The Slingshot allowed the smaller David to attack from a distance that minimized the advantages that Goliath had over the smaller David.  In my book Guerrillapreneur: Small Business Strategy For Davids Wanting to Defeat Goliaths, I define the term “Guerrillapreneur” as a business that integrates sharing and circular loop economics into their business design with the goal of generating incremental profits to invest in “disruptive technology.”  For example, Henry Ford deployed circular loop economics in his business whe...

December 6, 2016

On December 6, 2016, I interviewed Robert Armstrong, President, and CEO of the Selma Good Company, the manufacturers of G Mommas Cookies, for my Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast.  During the interview, Armstrong emphasized three critical points.  First, during the launch phase of your business, entrepreneurs have to conserve capital and invest it in the area of the business that differentiates the entrepreneur from his/her competitors.  Armstrong stated that he delayed the purchase of expensive kitchen equipment in order to invest most of his $7,000 seed money in the design of his product packaging and a professional video about the company.  Armstrong knew...

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