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Telecommunications: How We Help Our Clients


Historical revenues such as voice, sms, roaming and interconnects are dropping even though the number of subscribers is increasing. The introductions of Over The Top (OTT) such as Skype, Google, Facetime, and WhatsApp have forced operators to reduce prices. We collaborate with telecommunications companies to understand the value of their customer segments and to develop products and services that differentiate them from their competitors.


Strategy: Regional telecommunications companies must come to the understanding that the traditional sources of revenue are declining.  To maintain profitability, these businesses how to not only know where to invest, they need to also know how to defeat the corporate giants who will also be targeting these same markets.  Ceyero Consulting will help small-to-mid-sized operators develop corporate and business unit business and product strategies that highlight growth areas that leverage its core strengths.

Customer Segmentation: Segmenting customers and determining a target market are critical to a regional telecom’s long-term survival.  Regional operators have a limited footprint which puts them at a disadvantage to national players. To win, regional telecoms have to understand the purchasing behavior of the customers who are in their service area. Having refined segments helps these operators develop quantifiable strategies as well as develop new products.

Adjacent Business Development and Product Innovation:  IoT will add billions of new connected devices including a new generation of security appliances.    Regional Telecoms not only have an opportunity to grow their subscriber base as the devices proliferate, but they could also offer ancillary services in support of the devices.


Our Insights:

If you are not one of the Big Four telecom players, your company is struggling to profitably match nationwide offers and product bundles with decreasing margins.  The advent of “Unlimited Usage Plans” have left revenue from voice and data flat. We help regional telecommunications companies with the following issues:

  • New products that leverage the existing telecom infrastructure.

  • New products that integrate existing service area services

  • Acquisitions of ancillary services.  


Ceyero Consulting can help these operators evaluate and implement the best option given your core competencies and operational capabilities.

Thought Leadership:

  • Sample regional wireless telecommunication customer segmentation

  • Smartphone Usage Survey

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