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Public Sector: How We Help Our Clients


We work with rural cities and towns to implement performance management and reporting systems that improve citizen involvement and satisfaction.  We also help rural cities and towns develop economic development initiatives that leverage the unique aspects of their communities.


Economic Development: Consumer profile data is one of the biggest assets that small cities and towns are undervaluing.  Tourist visits to rural communities go undocumented and as a result, these communities are missing opportunities to build marketing campaigns that can drive future growth.  According to, the average U.S. tourist spends $1,364 per trip. Ceyero Consulting can help rural communities develop data systems that will be the source of marketing campaigns and product development that can fuel future growth.  

Performance Management: State, city, and county governments struggle with understanding how to prioritize limited tax dollars on the most important initiatives.  Moreover, these leaders struggle to communicate their progress on these initiatives to their constituents. Ceyero Consulting has helped rural communities develop constituent surveys that focus on capturing citizen opinions on the most important priorities in their communities. Ceyero Consulting has also helped rural political leaders develop Performance Scorecards that track and report key performance metrics to their constituent.












Our Insights

According to the 2010 US Census, approximately 80.7 percent of Americans live in urban areas, up from 79 percent in 2000.  The Pew Charitable Trusts stated that 54 percent of small towns shrunk in 2016. Despite the advent of technologies that allow individuals to work from any location, millennials are moving to urban areas at rates faster than any other generation.  According to, “only 30 percent of rural Americans rate job opportunities in their communities as excellent or good compared with 50 percent in urban areas. We help rural leadership with the following issues:


  • Constituent Segmentation: Ceyero Consulting helps rural government develop citizen segmentation models that group constituents by behavior and the issues that are of greatest concern to them

  • Business Incubation: Rural communities must develop platforms that will encourage the growth of new businesses.  Ceyero Consulting can help develop incubator programs that will encourage investments in the residential industries to the local area.

  • Community Development (educational institutions, green spaces, etc.): Millennials are leaving rural communities for more expensive urban areas because these communities do not only lack the job diversity found in the urban market, they also lack the social diversity.  Ceyero Consulting, through its Constituent Survey, can help rural leaders determine the type of community investments that can differentiate their towns from other communities.

  • Economic Development: Economic Development for rural communities is not about soliciting “Blue Bird” Investments from Fortune 500 automotive or airlines companies.  Economic Development should focus on executing a strategy that leverages the town’s critical assets and unique selling points (USPs). Ceyero Consulting can help rural communities develop a strategy and an economic development plan that leverage their USPs.

  • Government Accountability: It’s simple.  Citizens receive report cards from the time they start school until they graduate.  These same citizens expect accountability from their government. Ceyero Consulting can help political leaders develop and communicate a “Political Report Card” that can be able to communicate quarterly updates on top initiatives to their constituents.


Thought Leadership:

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