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Biometric Solution Design: How We Help Our Clients

We design identity management systems that integrate both data verification and biometric authentication.


Our Insights

The Gig Economy is mainstreaming security-oriented biometrics solutions.  In China, facial recognition is used by the fast food and hospitality segments to order food and check customers into hotels and room-sharing spaces.  Biometrics can play a critical security role, but if your underlying data is corrupt, the entire process could still be compromised. We help design security solutions that address the following issues:

  • Personally Identifiable Information Data Integrity

  • Identity Confirmation Prior to Biometric Capture

  • Biometric Authentication across multiple devices

using different biometric identifiers

  • Third Party Verifications

Fingerprint data is still the most reliable data for background screening.
Develop iAFIS Fingerprintin Solutions
Facial recognition is a growing Gig Economy biometric
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