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Hospitality: How We Help Our Clients


We collaborate with independent, boutique, and family-owned hospitality companies to understand the value of their customer segments and to develop products and services that differentiate them from chain operators.



Strategy:  Chain hotels are embracing smart technology while home sharing companies like Airbnb are creating focusing on integrating unique experiences with home stays for their guests.  Because of these trends, family-owned, independent boutique hotels must embrace their uniqueness if they expect to compete. We help family-owned hospitality businesses define a target audience and align its operations with the long-term strategy of the business. 


Our Insights

Room and House Sharing services have exposed a critical weakness in traditional hospitality services; no one likes one-size fits experiences.  We help independent, boutique hospitality businesses with the following:


  • Smart rooms: Boutique or family-owned businesses cannot compete with national chain hotel when it comes to integrating tech into its rooms. Nonetheless, boutique or family-owned hotels cannot run away from smart room options.  Ceyero Consulting can help review options that are user-friendly, practical and that fit with the historical uniqueness of the hotel.

  • CRM: Family-owned companies can no longer wait for customers.  They have to proactively seek customers and encourage re-visits.  There are free and low-cost CRM systems that can help family-owned businesses develop deeper customer relationships.

  • Unique Payment Options: Airbnb is testing split payments.  Airbnb believes that if groups can split the cost of a room as part of the booking process, large group travel will migrate to their platform.   Ceyero Consulting will help boutique hotels evaluate payment options that appeal to their target segments.

  • Local Service Partnerships: We help establish partnerships with local businesses that fit the strategy outlined in the strategy, including those customers who are demanding locally sourced foods and services as a way to reduce their carbon footprint (See Environmentally Conscious below).

  • Wellness: A growing number of customers are requesting healthy and wellness options when they travel for business and pleasure.  We help define the right options that will attract the targeted audience identified in the business strategy.

  • Environmentally Conscious: According to Tripadvisor and, over 60% of business travelers “often or always consider the environment when choosing hotels, transportation, and meals.” Given this reality, boutique hotels must a “Green Strategy.”  

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