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Education: How We Help Our Clients


We work with colleges and universities to create and implement executive education and employee training initiatives to serve local industries.


Strategy: We help institutions of higher learning evaluate the value of their existing offerings and to realign their investments in sectors that will generate community and institutional value.


Product Design: Institutions of higher learning are seeking sustainable revenue and ways to attract students who need job skills.  We help develop offerings that are relevant to the local market.


Our Insights:

The shift in the workforce from full-time employment to “gig” work has de-emphasized the value of a traditional higher education.  Harvard University professor Clayton Christensen predicted, “Half of all colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years.” This trend will also affect graduate programs.  Employers are seeking workers with tangible skills and work experience. Colleges and universities have an opportunity to address the growing gig worker’s need for technology and hard management analytical skills.  We help institutions of higher learning in the following areas:


  • Developing Corporate Partnership;

  • Designing Executive Workshops;

  • Evaluating Co-Branding Opportunities; and

  • Enhancing Distance Learning and Online Course.

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