Small enterprises often believe that they cannot afford to invest in Human Capital development.  However, if small businesses aspire to become growth companies, talent development must be an integral part of any long-term operating plan.

Ceyero Consulting offers both personal development plans and group workshops designed to improve the skills of entry-level employees.  The personal development plans are customized for employees who have management potential.   The group workshops are designed for mid-to-upper level management teams.  Ceyero Consulting offers the following group workshops:

  • Priority and Time Management,

  • Building Teams that Work, and

  • Supervision and Management 101.


The Priority and Time Management workshop gives managers the tools and frameworks for creating more work time capacity and improving employee productivity.  The Building Teams workshop shows managers how to implement metric-driven performance plans that link employee rewards to workplace outcomes. The Supervision and Management 101 workshops show top managers how to create a performance-based ecosystem where corporate strategy is linked to a performance scorecard.

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