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Founder, Mark Anthony Peterson, has 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. Peterson launched his first business (news and political magazine with a readership of 1,000+) as a senior in high school.  Peterson launched two additional small businesses as a sophomore at Dartmouth College. In 2013, Peterson sold a biometric authentication and verifications business that he co-founded to a Fortune 500 company.  In 2012, Peterson authored the book, Guerrillapreneur: Small Business Strategy for Davids Wanting To Defeat Goliaths. Peterson has been a keynote speaker at several business conferences including the Booker T. Washington Economic Summit, the A.G. Gaston Conference and several Chamber of Commerce Annual Meetings.


Start-ups face unique operational challenges, and many times they have limited resources to execute their strategic plans.  Book Mark Anthony Peterson for your next conference to talk to entrepreneurs on how to build a thriving business, and how to defeat corporate giants.

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Speech Topics Include:

  • Creating Executive Growth Capacity. Entrepreneurs wear many hats during the launch of their businesses.  In his book, Guerrillapreneur: Small Business Strategy for Davids Wanting To Defeat Goliaths, Peterson reveals a framework to help entrepreneur evaluate and rank business tasks.  Attendees will learn how and when to outsource certain tasks and when to invest in other tasks.  The outcome is that the entrepreneur will be freed up to focus on the highest priority tasks.

  • Developing Slingshot Disruptive Capabilities.  The key to developing a sustainable business is to integrate disruptive capabilities into the core of your enterprise.  Peterson refers to these disruptive capabilities as "Slingshot Technologies" because David defeated Goliath with the best technology of his time, a slingshot.  The slingshot magnified David's speed, flexibility, and agility.   Attendees will learn how to create and evaluate Slingshot Technologies and how to integrate them into sustainable business strategies.

  • Building Cult Brands.  Startups cannot afford to invest the money Fortune 500 companies invest in building their brand.  Cult branding techniques have been used to launch iconic brands like Apple, Corvette, and Nike.  Attendees will participate in examining cult brand business case examples and depart with implementable tactics. 

  • Driving Performance with the Right North Star Metrics. How can employees know if they are successful if they don't have the appropriate metrics to measure their success?   Attendees will learn how to select the right North Star metric and how to link it to Balanced Scorecards -- which help employees operationalize their everyday work.  

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