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Small business owners have traditionally struggled with finding and retaining employees.  The introduction of the Gig and Sharing Economy has exasperated this problem.  Instead of running from the problem, why not embrace the opportunity.  What if your small business could integrate Gig/freelance workers into your business operations? 

According to, “Eighteen percent of businesses reported replacing employees of any type with contractors over the past six months.  Of those business owners, 50.8 percent reported choosing a contractor or temporary worker for the benefit of their specialized expertise. (, April 21, 2019)”

Ceyero Consulting has expertise in implementing “Factory within a Factory” concepts and “Tasked-Based” Gig/freelance hiring platforms.  Leveraged in the right way, Gig/freelance workers can help small businesses reduce operating costs and achieve labor efficiencies.  Contact Ceyero Consulting for a FREE one-hour consultation.

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