As a leader in small business strategy, Ceyero Consulting has also developed expertise in designing nimble and flexible small business organizations that can compete with the corporate Goliaths.


Ceyero Consulting's methodology for small business design is built on three principles (which are explained in more detail in the small business strategy book, Guerrillapreneur: Small Business Strategy for Davids Wanting to Defeat Goliaths).  First, we seek to help you design an organization that has a  Superior Reporting Structure.  Small businesses that have a "Superior Reporting Structure" can organize (and re-organize) its team to quickly make and execute decisions.  Second, we help executives to build "Foreknowledge" capabilities as an organizational competency.  When small business executives tap into Foreknowledge, it transforms their teams into data hungry analyzers who can quickly convert market trends into new products. 


Finally, Ceyero Consulting helps small businesses to infuse "chameleon" and "puffer fish"  DNA into their organizational ecosystem.   Small businesses cannot fight Goliaths head-on.  To win, small businesses need an organizational design that can support virtual resources and shared economies.  Ceyero Consulting is ready to help you win.

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