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A pitch deck is a brief presentation created to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan.  If you are a startup, you will need at least two (2) presentations: (1) a detailed presentation use to explain your business to prospective C-Level employees, and (2) an investor-focused presentation that summarizes your plan, financial projections, and funding needs.


Ceyero Consulting has worked with startups to develop storylines and presentation deck for investor and non-investor situations, including pitch competitions.   We suggest that most new startups take our online class before engaging us to develop a pitch deck.  The class provides templates and guidelines on how to develop a basic presentation.  After completing the course, Ceyero


Consulting recommends you sign up for a FREE one-hour consultation.

First time Initial Consultation
30 min
Free consultation
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Online Class - Developing An Effective Pitch Presentation

30 Days | $39.00

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