Seven Ways To Use The Light Side of the Force to Lead Your Startup

Startups are hectic places to work. During the early days, employees typically wear multiple hats performing different job tasks as required. Founders, who find themselves working alongside their employees as newly minted executive managers, often lack a seasoned management style that can motivate and cultivate positive workplace collaboration. Often the demands to succeed push these novice manager/founders to embrace the “dark-side” of management to force compliance and improve productivity. As a founder, I can testify to the temptation I felt to use my late-mother’s favorite parental phrase, “because I told you to do it,” on the startup team I managed. For sure, managing with an iron

Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Although there's usually a small membership fee, joining your local Chamber of Commerce ca pay off in a big way. More than 3 million businesses across the country belong to local Chambers. You’ll get the opportunity to meet and network with other business owners—which is especially useful if you run a business to business company. These connections could become your customers down the road. Local Chambers also manage and publish a business listing that you can get your business featured. You will also have access to professional development workshops, exclusive newsletters, and even certain discounts. Connect to your local Chamber here.

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