Afraid of Corporate Giants? Learn To Create Slingshot Technology That Defeats The Goliaths.

In the story of David and Goliath, David defeated a much taller and stronger Goliath -- not by fighting the giant in hand-to-hand combat, but by using technology, a Slingshot. The Slingshot allowed the smaller David to attack from a distance that minimized the advantages that Goliath had over the smaller David. In my book Guerrillapreneur: Small Business Strategy For Davids Wanting to Defeat Goliaths, I define the term “Guerrillapreneur” as a business that integrates sharing and circular loop economics into their business design with the goal of generating incremental profits to invest in “disruptive technology.” For example, Henry Ford deployed circular loop economics in his business whe

Lessons in Entrepreneurship from G Mommas Cookies

On December 6, 2016, I interviewed Robert Armstrong, President, and CEO of the Selma Good Company, the manufacturers of G Mommas Cookies, for my Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast. During the interview, Armstrong emphasized three critical points. First, during the launch phase of your business, entrepreneurs have to conserve capital and invest it in the area of the business that differentiates the entrepreneur from his/her competitors. Armstrong stated that he delayed the purchase of expensive kitchen equipment in order to invest most of his $7,000 seed money in the design of his product packaging and a professional video about the company. Armstrong knew

God inspires award winning BBQ Sauce

On December 4, 2016, I interviewed Lula B. Hatcher, the matriarch and owner of Lannie’s BBQ Spot (“Lannie’s”) located in historic Selma, Alabama. Lannie’s is an interesting business case to feature in my Guerrillapreneur: The Art of Waging Small Business Warfare podcast because this business has operated non-stop for over 70 years. Over that period, Selma, Alabama has transformed from a rural community served primarily by small Mom and Pop businesses to a city that hosts almost every national fast food and retail chain including Walmart, McDonalds, Zaxby’s and Taco Bell. Over this time period, many of Selma, Alabama small businesses have closed in the face of this competition. During t

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