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Are you planning to apply to an accelerator?  If so, have you spent enough time researching the different accelerators to determine whether they will provide what you need?  There are several factors you should consider when deciding which accelerator is right for your business, including (1) what sectors the accelerator focuses on, (2) the accelerator’s resources, and (3) the accelerator’s network (alumni and mentors). 

Ceyero Consulting also suggests that each founder assesses their startups “Strengths” and “Weaknesses.”  Once complete, the Strength/Weakness map can be used to develop a GAP Analysis relative to the Accelerators you to which you plan to apply.  If you are selected for in-person interviews, are you prepared to provide:

  • An explanation of your strategy;

  • Demonstration of your progress;

  • Definition of your target market; or

  • An explanation of how you will use the funds.

Finally, have you determined what you want the outcome to be after you complete the Accelerator, MVP, Angel funding, Series Level funding?

Ceyero Consulting can be your partner through the Accelerator application process.  Ceyero Consulting will review your Accelerator application and help you prepare the in-person interviews.      

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